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Changing the way you see Protein

Ready to try something different?  You are in the right place.  Edible crickets are growing in popularity every day.  Why?  Health.  Crickets contain 30% more protein than beef as well as half the fat contained in beef.  Why else?  Environment.  Crickets have a high feed conversion efficiency.  They require 2 pounds feed per pound usable meat while beef requires 25 pounds feed per pound of usable meat.  Crickets also require significantly less water; 1 gallon water/pound of cricket compared to 2,000 gallons of water/pound of beef.


Who are we?

Chemist + Engineer = Cricket farmers?  after working in different industries over the years, we decided it was time for us to make our own mark and start a great company.   Chirpy is an up and coming cricket farm located in Louisiana.   We produce wholesale volumes of frozen, raw crickets (acheta domesticus).  No longer think of them as pests but as green protein.  We are here to meet our customer's needs!  Crickets are the food of the future and it is a future we are excited about.


Feelin' froggy?  Eat a cricket.  Send us an email and follow us on instagram and facebook.  we would love to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting our site!

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